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What is cemented carbide tire stud

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cemented carbide tire stud
Cemented carbide tire stud is mainly used in cold and wet areas of the car tires, mountaineering shoes boots, ski poles, according to different USES and insert groove different specifications have different requirements, but the material is mainly wear-resistant, low temperature resistance, high hardness and other characteristics.The main market of cemented carbide tire stud is in east Asia, North America, eastern Europe, northern Europe and so on.

cemented carbide tire studCleats is directly embedded on the surface of the tire puncture accessories, in order to increase the tire skid ability and at the same time let the tire safety performance has become more beautiful, the style and function of the cleats are available for users to choose their own, now in northern Europe, North America, Russia and other regions especially widely used, mainly is suitable for the winter for a long time, accumulation of snow and ice thicker areas, such as other cross-country, game, etc. This need in all sorts of uneven, bad road conditions where the driving mode of risky driving is also need the protection of the cleats.cemented carbide tire studDifferent models of cemented carbide tire stud can be used for different tyres, any vehicle tires can be specially designed for the cleats, anti-slide designs in the light of hiking boots and even, but for shoes anti-slide anti-skid measures have a lot of choice does not have absolute competitive advantage, so the use of the cleats mainly including automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, etc.

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