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Equipment required for precision casting

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Precision casting, also known as, investment casting, lost wax casting, produces products that are precise, complex, and close to the final shape of the parts. They can be used directly without or with minimal processing. Therefore, investment casting is an advanced process for forming near net shapes.


The equipment required for the basic process of precision casting is: manufacturing wax molds: automatic centralized wax supply and recovery system, precision casting wax injection machine, ice water machine, air conditioning; Soaking – Pulp barrel, floating sand machine, air conditioning, dewaxing furnace, dehumidifier, water removal barrel, static barrel, and mechanical arm can also be used for soaking. The fully automatic temperature and humidity control system in the drying workshop is also available;

wax injection machine
wax injection machine

Casting workshop: sintering furnace, high-frequency melting furnace, shaking shell machine; Post treatment – cutting machine, grinding machine, sandblasting machine, sand cleaning machine, soaking and sand removal workshop, heat treatment furnace, and punching machine for shaping; Maintenance – Pneumatic grinder, argon welding machine; Quality assurance – spectrometers, 3D cameras, X-ray cameras, and more.

worker casting
worker casting

Our company adheres to the philosophy of speaking with quality and sincere cooperation. Serve customers with excellent product and service quality. There is still a lot of knowledge about precision casting equipment, and we will continue to explain it to you in the future.

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