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Platinum Tungsten Alloy

A platinum alloy composed of platinum and tungsten added. It forms a simple peritectic phase diagram, and the peritectic reaction temperature is about 2460℃. As the tungsten content increases, the strength of the platinum-tungsten alloy increases significantly. However, only platinum-rich single-phase solid solutions containing less than 10% tungsten are machinable and practical materials. Physical and mechanical properties of platinum-rich platinum-tungsten alloys.

Platinum Tungsten Alloy

Platinum-tungsten alloy is an excellent noble metal strain material. Typical alloys are PtW8 and PtW9.5, which have high tensile strength, resistivity and resistance strain sensitivity, low temperature coefficient of resistance, and excellent oxidation resistance. The PtW9.5 strain wire was made into a resistance strain gauge, and a successful test was made on the rotating parts of an aero-engine.

The development of China’s aviation industry has promoted the development and application of platinum-tungsten alloys, and successfully trial-produced PtW8, PtW8.5 and PtW9 alloys, and invented Pt—W—Re—Ni and Pt—W—Re—Ni—Cr—Y. Resistance strain alloy. Platinum-tungsten strain wire is used to make 700℃ static resistance strain gauge, and tungsten ultra-fine wire (0.008mm) is used for relaxation type miniature pressure sensor. The strongly hardened PtW4 alloy is used as the electrode of the spark plug and the grid of the radar power tube. PtW8 alloy used as a potentiometer winding is very wear-resistant and has low noise.

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