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Minghe Metal mainly produces and sells: tungsten steel plates, tungsten steel round bars, tungsten steel strips, tungsten steel round dies, cemented carbide drawing dies, tungsten steel shrinking dies, tungsten steel drawing dies, tungsten steel forming dies, Tungsten steel stamping dies, powder metallurgy molds, tungsten steel sealing dies, tungsten steel inlay steel sleeves, tungsten steel extrusion dies, tungsten steel rolls, tungsten steel guide rails, tungsten steel sealing rings, tungsten steel punching and shearing dies, all kinds of tungsten steel non-standard Special-shaped blanks, non-magnetic tungsten steel.

Using high-quality primary tungsten carbide powder, sintered by the HIP sintering furnace imported from Germany ALD, the product body has good compactness, no holes and no blisters, complete molds (outer diameter up to φ750mm), short delivery time, special grades according to customer usage and requirements , Special formula, perfect solution to customer’s alloy needs.

With good quality and good service, the products have won praise from all partners, and thus obtained the cooperation and support of various merchants, forming a good sales environment. Since the establishment of the company, quality first, customer first, to achieve a win-win situation for the company, customers, and employees! Customer demand-oriented, respect for talents, continuously improve its own strength and level, and improve service level and quality.


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