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Tungsten Nickel Alloy

Tungsten-nickel alloy is an alloy with high melting point, high hardness and high corrosion resistance. The nickel content is less than 10% or 10% to 25%, and the balance is tungsten.

Features of Tungsten Nickel Alloy:

  • Metal powder pressing technology has high product precision, excellent mechanical properties, high surface finish, high material utilization, low manufacturing cost, etc.
  • The manufacturing tolerances of the parts are small, the density is high, and the relative density is ≥98%
  • In order to increase the beauty and corrosion resistance of the surface of the part, the surface of the part can be electroplated or electrolessly plated.
  • It can manufacture parts with complicated or peculiar shapes that cannot be manufactured by other molding processes.
  • It is suitable for the production of large quantities of parts.
  • The size tolerance is ±0.02mm-±0.06mm, and the weight of a single piece is ±2%-±5%.
  • The specific gravity can be adjusted arbitrarily between 10.0g.cm3-19.3g.cm3.

The Preparation Of Tungsten Nickel Alloy

Tungsten nickel alloy can be prepared by powder metallurgy or electron bombardment.

The Use Of Tungsten Nickel Alloy

Tungsten-nickel alloys are widely used in machinery, electronics, medical equipment, auto parts, aerospace and military industries, daily hardware parts, industrial work molds, etc.

The Electroplating Process Of Tungsten Nickel Alloy

Tungsten-nickel alloy electroplating process can improve mold quality, extend mold life, and clean production. Tungsten and nickel metals have high hardness, good wear resistance, and high adhesion temperature to the molten matrix.
The tungsten-nickel alloy coating has fine and bright crystals, good wear resistance, strong adhesion to the matrix, high hardness, and Vickers hardness can reach more than 1000 at high temperatures. Tungsten-nickel alloy electroplating process will gradually replace chromium plating on molds. However, the tungsten-nickel alloy electroplating process generally has defects such as roughness, unevenness, and pitting of the coating, which severely restricts its application and development.

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