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Dongguan MINGHE Metal Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. The company is a Taiwan-funded enterprise integrating the sales, wholesale and machining services of imported mold steel and cemented carbide (Yilong tungsten steel), tungsten steel tools, etc. Company agent distribution:

Sweden ASSAB tool steel (ASSAB), S136 tool steel, S136H tool steel, ASSAB88 tool steel, XW-42 tool steel, VIKING tool steel, DF-2 tool steel, XW-5 tool steel, XW-41 tool steel, 8418 mold steel, DIEVAR mold steel, 8407 mold steel, QRO90 mold steel, 718HH mold steel, EM38 mold steel, 8402 mold steel, S-168 mold steel, S336 mold steel, ASP23 powder speed steel, ASP30 powder speed steel, ASP60 powder Speed ​​steel, VANADISV10 powder speed steel, VANADISV4 powder high speed steel, Hitachi Metals (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.: SLD mold steel, SKD61 mold steel, SKD11 mold steel, DAC mold steel, FDAC mold steel, DAC55 mold steel, SLD8 mold steel, SKS21 die steel, SKS3 die steel, SKS51 die steel, SGT die steel, YEM die steel, HPM38 mirror stainless steel, SKH-9 pre-hardened high-speed steel, SKH51 pre-hardened high-speed steel, SKH55 pre-hardened high-speed steel, SKH58 powder high-speed steel, SKH59 Powder high speed steel, SKH2 high speed steel, HAP5R high speed steel, YXM1 high speed steel, HAP40 powder high speed steel, HPM50 powder high speed steel, HPM7 powder high speed steel,

Japan Daido Special Steel Co., Ltd.: PZX plastic mold steel, NAK55 plastic mold steel, PX4 plastic mold steel, NAK80 plastic mold steel, S-STAR plastic stainless steel, G-STAR plastic stainless steel, YK30 tool steel, GOA mold steel, DC11 Mold steel, DC53 mold steel, DHAI hot work mold steel, DH21 hot work mold steel, DH31-S hot work mold steel, DH2F hot work mold steel, DH42 hot work mold steel, GFA tool mold steel, MH51 high speed steel, MH55 powder High speed steel, MH8 powder high speed steel, DEX20 powder high speed steel, DEX40 powder high speed steel, DHA-WORLD steel,

German Saarster mold steel 1.2510 steel, 1.2311 steel, 1.2379 steel, 1.2316 steel, 1.2083 steel, 1.2344 steel, 1.2511 steel, 1.1730 mold steel;

French Oberduwa mold steel MEK4 mold steel, ADC3 hot work mold steel, SMV3 hot work mold steel, DH11 hot work mold steel, SMV4S hot work mold steel, DH13 mold steel, R6110 mold steel, SMR7 mold steel, SMR4 mold steel , SMR mold steel,

American Fincola Special Steel Co., Ltd.: P20HH die steel, 420 die steel, 440C die steel, S7 die steel, S-7 die steel, D2 die steel, O1 die steel, O2 die steel, H13 die steel, H14 die steel, M2 mold steel, M4 mold steel, L6 mold steel, A2 mold steel, M35 powder high-speed steel, M42 powder high-speed steel, 4140 mold steel, 4340 mold steel, 6061 aluminum, 7075 aluminum, American Fincola 818H plastic mold steel;

Austria BOHLER Bailu brand steel M238 plastic mold steel, M461 plastic mold steel, M303 plastic mold steel, M310 plastic mold steel, M315 plastic mold steel, M333PESR plastic mold steel, M340 plastic mold steel, K100 hardware mold steel, K105 hardware mold steel , K107 hardware mold steel, K110 hardware mold steel, K340 hardware mold steel, K460 hardware stamping steel, K390 hardware stamping steel, W302 BOHLER hot work die steel, W360 BOHLER hot work die steel, W400 BOHLER hot work die steel, W403VMR BOHLER hot For die steel, S500 powder high speed steel, S600 powder high speed steel, S705 powder high speed steel, S290 powder high speed steel, S390 powder high speed steel, S590 powder high speed steel, S690 powder high speed steel, S790 powder high speed steel,

Japan’s Xindong breathable steel PM-35; high-quality mold steel (steel price) and cemented carbide mold processing in other countries; customized tungsten steel molds, Dongguan mold steel / Dongguan mold steel / tungsten steel / cemented carbide / tungsten steel prices / Tungsten Steel Plant/Imported Tool Steel/Imported Tungsten Steel/Imported Cemented Carbide/Zhuzhou Tungsten Steel/Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide/Mold Material/Material/Tungsten Steel Material/Sumitomo Tungsten Steel/Kenna Tungsten Steel/Special Steel/Special Steel/ Japan Datong/Japan Hitachi/Chunbao Tungsten Steel/Diamond Tungsten Steel/American Steel/Japan Fuji Tungsten Steel/Tungsten Steel Tool/Super Hard Material/German Tungsten Steel/Korea Tungsten Steel/Mitsubishi Tungsten Steel/Sambo Red Copper/Domestic Tungsten Steel /Domestic mold steel|tungsten steel tool|tungsten steel plate|tungsten steel round bar|tungsten steel mold|tungsten steel punch (tungsten steel wholesale), product quality and low price, complete varieties and specifications, perfect technical service, timely delivery, etc. The advantages have been affirmed by many customers.

The company has several large vertical band saws, as well as steel plate finishing machinery, including 3 large water grinders, 2 large planer milling machines, and 2 precision milling machines. In order to meet customers’ urgently needed mold material requirements, the company’s processing department is matched with professional heat treatment manufacturers to provide services from steel blanks, rough machining to heat treatment (mold blackening treatment) in one step, increasing efficiency and shortening the production cycle.
As a market advocate of high-quality mold steel and cemented carbide (tungsten steel) sales, the company is well aware of the importance of mold material quality and stability to mold manufacturing. Through its strict purchase standards and advanced quality monitoring methods such as ultrasonic flaw detection , Tensile test, hardness test, etc., so that customers can use it more at ease.

The company adheres to the corporate development tenet of “improving the mold industry level, establishing a model in the industry, and creating the “Nippon Steel Steel” brand. It provides customers with perfect products and high-quality services, and strives to create value for customers and become the best mold material user. Partner!

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