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Tungsten Silver Alloy

W-Ag alloy is an alloy composed of tungsten and silver, with a silver content of 30% to 70%.

Tungsten-silver alloy is a two-phase structure pseudo alloy mainly composed of tungsten and silver elements, and is a metal matrix composite material. Because the physical properties of metallic silver and tungsten are quite different. Therefore, it cannot be produced by the fusion casting method, and is generally obtained by powder alloy technology. The technological process is mixing of ingredients-pressing forming-sintering melting-cold working. Tungsten-silver alloy combines the advantages of metal tungsten and silver. Among them, tungsten has a high melting point (tungsten point is 3410℃) and a high density (tungsten density is 19.34g/m3); silver has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity properties, and tungsten-silver alloy (the general composition range is WCu7~WCu50) Uniform microstructure, high temperature resistance, high strength, arc ablation resistance and high density.

The Preparation Method Of Tungsten Silver Alloy

The preparation method of tungsten-silver alloy is the same as that of tungsten-copper alloy. Because tungsten has an extremely high melting point and silver cannot be mutually fused, it cannot be prepared by traditional methods. The preparation of tungsten-silver alloys must be made by powder metallurgy.

The Use Of Tungsten Silver Alloy

The application of tungsten-silver alloy is similar to that of tungsten-copper alloy. Tungsten-silver alloy was once used as the nozzle throat liner of solid rockets. In electrical switches, tungsten silver alloys are more used in lower voltage circuit breakers, automatic switches, contactors, etc., where good oxidation resistance, higher electrical and thermal conductivity, smaller contact sizes, and frequent opening and closing operations are required.

Tungsten-silver alloys are widely used in high temperature resistant materials, electrical alloys for high voltage switches, electrical machining electrodes, microelectronics materials, as parts and components are widely used in aerospace, aviation, electronics, power, metallurgy, machinery, sports equipment and other industries

The Features Of Tungsten Silver Alloy

Compared with tungsten-copper alloy, tungsten-silver alloy has better electrical and thermal conductivity, plasticity and oxidation resistance, while its strength and hardness are relatively low, and the price is higher.

The Technical Parameters Of Tungsten Silver Alloy

Product Name
Bending Strength
Silver Tungsten 30 AgW30 70±1.5 0.5 Margin 11. 75 75 75
Silver Tungsten 40 AgW40 60±1.5 0.5 Margin 12.4 66 85
Silver Tungsten 50 AgW50 50±2.0 0.5 Margin 13.15 57 105
Silver Tungsten 55 AgW55 45±2.0 0.5 Margin 13.55 54 115
Silver Tungsten 60 AgW60 40±2.0 0.5 Margin 14 51 125
Silver Tungsten 65 AgW65 35±2.0 0.5 Margin 14.5 48 135
Silver Tungsten 70 AgW70 30±2.0 0.5 Margin 14.9 45 150 657
Silver Tungsten 75 AgW75 25±2.0 0.5 Margin 15.4 41 165 686
Silver Tungsten 80 AgW80 20±2.0 0.5 Margin 16.1 37 180 726

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