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Is Tungsten A Good Radiation Shield?

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With the destruction of the environment by humans, the harm to humans caused by radiation is gradually increasing. Therefore, tungsten radiation shields protection equipment is gradually being valued by people. Tungsten has been widely used as a radiation shielding material.Studies have confirmed that the radiation shielding ability is closely related to the density of the material. The higher the density, the better the shielding performance.

Tungsten alloy has a high density, so its protective performance is very high, and it has not been found to be harmful to the human body or the environment during long-term use. In this sense, it has a greater advantage than lead. The linear attenuation ability of tungsten alloy to gamma rays gives it a great advantage in the field of armored parts.

The same amount of tungsten alloy shield provides less risk than the same lead shield.We offer different sizes and shapes of tungsten radiation shields according to your requests and drawings. For further information, please contact us.

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