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The production process of cemented carbide antiskid nails

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Cemented carbide antiskid nailsCemented carbide antiskid nails are one of our main product, the preparation process of automobile cemented carbide antiskid nails can be divided into four basic stages:
1. Removing the forming agent and presintering phase sintered body at this stage the following changes: the removal of forming agent, the early stage of sintering with the increase of temperature, molding agent gradually break down, or vaporization, out of sintered body, at the same time, forming agent to increase carbon sintered body, more or less increases the amount of carbon will vary depending on the type, quantity and sintering process of forming agent of change.The oxide on the powder surface is reduced. At the sintering temperature, hydrogen can reduce the oxide of cobalt and tungsten. If the molding agent and sintering are removed in vacuum, the carbon-oxygen reaction is not strong.The contact stress between the powder particles was gradually eliminated, the bonding metal powder began to produce recovery and recrystallization, surface diffusion began to occur, and the strength of the compaction was improved.
2. In the solid-phase sintering stage, at the temperature before the appearance of the liquid phase, in addition to continuing the process occurred in the previous stage, the solid-phase contrary reaction and diffusion were intensified, the plastic flow was enhanced, and the sintered body had obvious shrinkage.
3. Phase of liquid phase sintering after the liquid phase appeared in the sintered body, the shrinkage was soon completed, followed by crystallization transformation, forming the basic structure and structure of the alloy.
4. In this stage, the structure and phase composition of tungsten steel with different cooling conditions and some changes, you can take advantage of this feature, tungsten steel heat treatment to improve its physical and mechanical properties.
So far, you also should know why car tire wants to use cemented carbide antiskid nails. antiskid nail is easy consumable, grind everyday, grind, shrink, although do not talk about to be replaced from time to time, but always think "once and for all", cemented carbide antiskid nail, as its name, hard enough, wear-resisting, just.Of course, the most important point is – for driving safety, Life is precious. Warmly welcome to contact Ms Canny for more inforations about cemented carbide antiskid nails.Skype: ojinxin-18Email: [email protected]Mob./Whatsapp: +86 18907331470

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