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Tungsten shielding production process

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tungsten shielding production process
Nowadays, tungsten alloy is the preferred material for shielding parts. Although the volume of tungsten alloy shielding parts is one-third smaller than that of lead under the same weight, the shielding effect is comparable to that of lead, and it is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, which is not harmful to human body. Let's learn more about its production process.
Sintering process is the main production process of tungsten alloy shielding parts. Sintering is a heat treatment process, the strength and density of the pressed billet or fed powder body are very low, after sintering, the most easily observed change is that the volume shrinkage of the briquettes becomes smaller and the strength increases sharply, while the product after sintering has been close to the theoretical density, its pore space should generally be less than 0.2%, the change in the strength of the briquettes is even greater, the strength of the briquettes before sintering is so low that it cannot be measured by general methods, the briquettes are only subjected to the production The strength of the billet before sintering is so low that it cannot be measured by general methods, and the billet only bears the strength necessary for transfer during the production process, while the product after sintering can reach the strength value required to meet various harsh working conditions, so the product strenght increased very largely. Zhuzhou pintejin produces tungsten alloy products through some special processes, special ingredients, spray granulation, isostatic pressing, overpressure sintering, deep cooling treatment, etc., which can greatly improve the overall performance of the alloy, Zhuzhou pintejin produces alloy products with hardness and wear resistance exceeding national standards and longer service life.   Any interested items please feel free to contact: Contact: Julia
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