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Comparison of tungsten alloy and lead material

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Comparison of tungsten alloy and lead material
Tungsten alloy products have the characteristics of high strength and low density, corrosion resistance, non-magnetic, shieldable, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, relatively easy to machine, long service life and so on, so they are widely used, such as electronic products, electric light sources, aerospace, rocket nozzles in weapons, die-casting molds, armor-piercing bullet cores and so on. Let's take a look at the difference between tungsten alloy and lead.
The density of lead and tungsten alloy is relatively large among the metals, but the metal lead is used earlier, in the process of use, people found that lead and lead compounds are toxic to human tissues, long-term or large exposure will cause lead poisoning, poisoning is mainly through the respiratory tract inhalation of its vapor or powder, and then in the respiratory tract phagocytes will quickly bring it to the blood; or absorbed through the digestive tract, into the blood circulation. Oral ingestion of 2-3 grams can cause poisoning, and 50 grams can cause death, until people found that tungsten was gradually taken seriously and gradually replaced lead. Tungsten alloy is not only dense but also non-toxic and non-hazardous. Compared with lead, tungsten alloys are more environmentally friendly. Tungsten itself is not toxic and does not produce radioactive materials. If you want to process or produce tungsten alloy products, you can choose Zhuzhou pintejin. All of Zhuzhou pintejin's products are made from virgin materials, no recycled materials, and we can provide material reports for raw materials.  
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