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About tungsten counterweights for ships

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About tungsten counterweights for ships

Tungsten alloy counterweight for ships is the ideal material for ship's counterweight. First of all, because tungsten alloy counterweight is environmentally friendly and is friendly to the water environment, moreover, because of its high density, and the advantages of easy machining, tensile strength and high hardness, it can keep the ship balanced and run more stably. Here, let's learn the advantages and disadvantages of tungsten alloy counterweight block.   The advantages of tungsten alloy counterweight block are mainly as follows: 1. environmentally friendly, less polluting to the production environment 2. higher density, easier to control the weight distribution and smaller volume of the prepared counterweight block. 3. high corrosion resistance and long service life.
Disadvantages of tungsten alloy counterweight blocks. The material price is relatively higher than zinc, iron and lead counterweights.   The main raw material of tungsten alloy counterweight is tungsten, so the quality of raw material is very high. Zhuzhou pintejin carbide production and processing custom one-stop enterprise, the selection of raw materials is very strict, tungsten carbide, cobalt powder, etc. 100% (all) raw materials, no recycled materials, and to provide raw material material material report.   Any interested items please feel free to contact: Contact: Julia
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