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The main uses of cemented carbide strips

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cemented carbide stripsZhuzhou pintejin Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. is an expert in the manufacture of cemented carbide strips. It has 10 years'experience in the production and development of cemented carbide strips.

Cemented carbide strips cutting tools are widely used in ceramics, printing machinery, forestry, rubber, plastics, light textile industry, cigarette machinery, packaging materials, cables, shipbuilding, metallurgical machinery, electronics, leather and other industries, such as circular carbide blades, asbestos gas cutter plastic granulator roll blades, round blades, cutting tools. Standard and non-standard mechanical blades, such as sheet metal processing blades.
Cemented carbide strips are also mainly used in cutting metal, wood, paper and other fields. Therefore, high quality requirements are required to obtain a longer life cycle and cutting speed. Cemented carbide strips are suitable for processing chilled cast iron and alloy steel. It can also be used for precision processing, precision cast iron and wear-resistant parts production. 
Cemented carbide strips have good flexural strength and wear resistance. They are not only suitable for semi-finishing of slow turning, heat-resistant Alois milling and titanium alloy, stainless steel and low alloy steel, but also suitable for processing fiberglass reinforced plastics and PCB micro-drills.

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