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High performance cemented carbide tire studs

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cemented carbide tire studs
Cemented carbide tire studs are mainly embedded in automobile tires to prevent automobiles from skidding on wet skating surfaces. They have a very wide market in many European countries.The cemented carbide tire studs for automotive tires on ice and snow pavement include a flange at the head, middle wing and lower end of the core on the cylindrical nail body, and the flange and the flange form an acute angle with the nail body. When the cemented carbide tire studs is used, it is not only easy to install, but also has anti-falling effect. According to different uses and grooves, their specifications have different requirements, but their material requirements are: wear resistance, low temperature resistance, high hardness and so on.
Compared with other tire studs, cemented carbide tire studs have many advantages, such as high hardness and high wear resistance; low pressure on the surface, on the basis of ensuring minimum damage to prevent slippage; simple installation and disassembly, and reusable. The holes used to insert cemented carbide tire studs in automobile tires can be easily drilled out, and can be easily removed even without professional installation tools. In addition, users can also install or disassemble cemented carbide tire studs according to different seasons. Without using them, they can easily take out and store them for the next reuse. When choosing cemented carbide tire studs for automobile tyres, users should first consider the thickness of automobile tyres and the depth of holes.
Generally speaking, cemented carbide tire studs for automobile tyres are made by inserting the anti-skid nails into the nail sleeve of steel or other materials, and then inserting the whole package into the outer layer of the tyre. In this way, the force area of the tire can be increased and the tire can be protected to a certain extent. In the course of driving, under a certain force, the cemented carbide tire studs of the tire can be properly embedded in the ice surface, so as to enhance the grip of the tire on the icy road, greatly reduce the slippage of the car, and effectively reduce the accident rate.Warmly contact Ms Canny for more informations about cemented carbide tire studs.

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