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Properties of tungsten carbide round rod

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tungsten carbide round rodTungsten carbide round rod is a hard alloy cutting tool, it is suitable for different rough grinding parameters, cutting materials and non-metallic materials.At the same time, carbide rod can also be used in traditional automatic, semi-automatic lathe and so on.

The properties of tungsten carbide round rod as following,1. High quality ultrafine tungsten carbide and imported cobalt powder are used as raw materials.2. Adopt the world's advanced low-pressure sintering preparation technology for standardized production.3, with high strength and hardness.4, with excellent red hardness, good wear resistance, high modulus of elasticity, high bending strength, good chemical stability (acid, alkali, high temperature oxidation), good impact toughness, low expansion coefficient, heat and electricity conduction and iron and its alloy similar characteristics.5, high precision advanced equipment: Germany imported 10MPa low pressure sintering furnace sintering.6. Unique new process: vacuum high-temperature and high-pressure sintering.Pressure sintering is used in the final stage of the product, which greatly reduces porosity, improves compactness and greatly improves mechanical properties of the product.7. Product features: multiple materials, suitable for different USES;Complete specifications, accurate blank size (reduce processing, improve production efficiency).8. Good service and quick response: quick production and delivery (3 to 5 days)

Zhuzhou pintejin Cemented Carbide Compony has a large inventory of raw and unpolished tungsten carbide round rod of different diameters, lengths and specifications. Therefore, we can ensure timely delivery according to customers' orders.

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