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The introduction of tungsten alloy

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The introduction of tungsten alloy
Tungsten alloy is a tungsten-based alloy with a density of 16.5~18.75g/cm, consisting of elements such as Ni.Cu, Fe.Co.Mo and Cr.
Tungsten alloys are widely used in the electronics and electric light source industries, and also in the aerospace, foundry and weapons sectors for making rocket nozzles, die-casting molds, armor-piercing bullet cores, contacts, heat emitters and heat shields.
In 1907, a low-nickel content tungsten alloy was introduced, which was prepared by mechanical processing methods, but severe brittleness prevented its application.
It was not until 1909 that Coolidge (w. D. Coolidge) of the General Electric Company of the United States made tungsten billets by powder metallurgy and then produced tungsten wire with ductility at room temperature by mechanical processing, thus laying the foundation of the tungsten wire processing industry and also of powder metallurgy.
In 1913, Pintsch (Pintsch) invented thorium tungsten wire (ThO2 content of 1% to 2%), thus making the incandescent filament brittleness greatly reduced.In order to solve the problem of tungsten filament sagging and short life, in 1917, Pacz (A. Pacz) invented a high-temperature "non-deformable" tungsten alloy. Subsequently, he finally found that the tungsten filament made by adding potassium and sodium silicates to tungsten acid (WO3-H2O), after reduction, pressing, sintering, processing, etc., formed a rather coarse grain structure after recrystallization, which was neither soft nor resistant to sagging, which was the earliest non-sagging tungsten filament.
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