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About tungsten alloy counterweight block

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About  tungsten alloy counterweight block
Zhuzhou pintejin is an integration enterprise for tungsten alloy production, processing and custom. Tungsten alloy balancing weight is a counterweight blocks which using tungsten metal as the raw materia, also known as tungsten alloy counterweight block, with high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, high specific gravity, high strength, shielding characteristics, is deeply affected by  the military, national defense, aerospace, aviation, navigation, automotive, medical, electronics, petrochemical and other fields.
Tungsten alloy balance block its non-toxic, high melting point, large density (twice as much as lead), strong rigidity, high hardness, excellent shielding effect and good thermal conductivity. According to different compositions, tungsten alloy products composition can be divided into tungsten alloy, tungsten-nickel-iron, tungsten-nickel-copper and tungsten-nickel-copper-iron; according to the different magnetic properties, tungsten alloy products can be divided into magnetic tungsten alloy and non-magnetic tungsten alloy.Tungsten alloy balancing block is mainly to give equipment to play a balancing role, such as installed in the car tires to maintain power balance, or installed in the mouse to increase the gaming experience, and in the crane, to facilitate the balance of the crane to lift the weight of heavy objects, or installed in the machine tool to ensure machining accuracy and other aspects.
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