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How are tungsten fishing sinkers made?

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How are tungsten fishing sinkers made?   Tungsten fishing sinkers are fishing gears made of tungsten alloy, which are popular among anglers because of their high specific gravity tungsten alloy nature, non-toxic and environmental protection.
  The manufacturing method of tungsten alloy fishing sinkers is not much different from other tungsten alloys. Mix tungsten powder and other alloy powders in proportion and set aside under vacuum drying conditions; heat the resulting mixed powder to 2300℃ under nitrogen protection, heat it for 1hour and make it flow, then inject it into the mold cavity and cool it to obtain the desired shape of the blank; Then, it is heated to 1500°C under inert gas protection, sintered for 1hour and cooled. The biggest advantage of tungsten fishing sinkers is that they offer a higher sensitivity, which helps to feel the tiny shocks that might normally be missed. When making the same weight fishing sinkers, tungsten alloy requires 50% less material than lead, meaning that a 1-ounce tungsten pendant is smaller and harder to detect by fish in the water.
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