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What types do tire counterweights have?

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What  types do tire counterweights have? Tire counterweights have a very good balancing effect when driving a vehicle, so it is loved by many car enthusiasts who pursue a sense of driving the vehicle, according to the shape of the counterweights and installation can be divided into external counterweights and adhesive counterweights.
The external counterweight block is divided into one-piece and split type, in fact, there is only a slight difference in the manufacturing process. The external counterweight block has a snap hook shape, and the snap hook port is stuck to the wheel rim on the hub by a hammer or special tool. External counterweights are generally more common in older models.Because of the aesthetic impact of the external counterweights, stick-on counterweights are basically used on newer models. These blocks are generally made into blocks and are attached to the inside of the wheel hub by 3M stickers, so that they are basically invisible from the outside of the vehicle and do not affect the aesthetics.
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