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About mouse counterweight block

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About mouse counterweight block
The application of counterweight blockis very wide, large to ship aviation equipment, small to electronic products. Look carefully, you will find the existence of the counterweight block in part of the mouse. And for the mouse weight block, many people do not know much, so what is the role of the mouse weight block, interested friends can learn more about it.For the size of the mouse weight, different people's feelings are different, some people like the heavier mouse, some people like light mouse. This time the mouse weight block is very important, although the mouse weight block may not be suitable for all users, but it has the meaning of existence, to the mouse to increase the weight, can achieve a more stable effect, to like the heavy mouse people bring a better sense of experience, adjust the mouse center of gravity to increase the user DIY fun, this is the value of the mouse weight block.
Tunsgten counterweight block produced by Zhuzhou pintejin, it is wear-resistant, have high temperature resistance, environmental protection, quality assurance. As Zhuzhou pintejin is a carbide raw material manufacturer, there is material certificate for products, product qualification certificate, and support the product customization, non-standard customization according the drawing, fast delivery.
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