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What kinds of tungsten fishing sinkers are available?

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 What kinds of tungsten fishing sinkers are available?
There are many types of fishing sinkers, it is able to keep the balance of the fishing group and floating, is an indispensable part of fishing, by virtue of the Throwing power of the angler with the bait far cast, fixed in a certain water depth layer of the water.One: The sea rod sinkersTungsten alloy sea rod fishing sinkers is divided into live sinkers and dead sinkers. The former has a hollow line in the center, which can slide freely after tethering the line. Dead sinkers is not hollow, the tail has a metal ring easily tethered line, the pendant in the front, hook in the back. Now many fish attractors, most of them belong to the dead sinkers.
Two: The hand rod sinkersTungsten alloy hand rod sinkers are all dead sinkers, while according to the buoyancy of the float weighted sinkers are mostly within 0.5-2 grams. Some special fishing methods such as poking holes, fishing arches, inshore catfish fishing, etc., are not using the pendant. Most of the fishing method is to use a sinker large as mung bean, clamped at 5-7 cm above the hook, can be single-hook fishing, or double-hook fishing.
Three: The throwing weight method heavy sinkersMuch the same size as the sea-rod sinker, but the weight is increased so as to form a larger centrifugal force and inertia force when throwing the weight, so most of them use 80-120 grams of heavy sinker.
These are the three common classifications of fishing sinkers mainly divided into three types: sea rod sinkers, hand rod sinkers and heavy sinkers. Did you get the introductory knowledge of fishing? Hurry up to buy a fishing sinker, take action and go fishing together! 
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