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Selection of tungsten fishing sinkers

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Selection of tungsten fishing sinkers Fishing sinker is a fishing tackle combination, the role is important, but the style is also complex and diverse gram type, the fishing novice do not know how to choose, choose a good tungsten alloy fishing sinker can play a multiplier effect. So how to choose a fishing sinker according to the fishing scene?
Generally speaking, the hand rod is mostly used for shore fishing, so the choice of fish sinkers should be from the principle of not scaring the swimming fish, so the fish sinkers should be light and small, it could be silent when entering the water, the splash is also small, the more vigilant near-shore, shallow water fish can ensure that it will not scare away.In the use of the sea rod, the role of the fish sinker is greater, should be more carefully selected. Heavy rod should be selected with more than 60 grams of fish sinkers, in order to play the effectiveness of the rod, so that the hook cast farther, and short rod, thin rod, because the rod body is soft, should not use a large heavy sinker, to about 50 grams is appropriate.
From the shape of the pendant, when the water bottom is flat, the silt is thin, the best choice is three-dimensional sinkers, that is, spherical, oval shap, etc.. When the silt is thick, and the water is not deep, the choice is piece-shaped sinker, board-shaped sinker, so it is not easy to fall into the mud, not easy to hang bottom place. If the bottom of the water is not clear, then you should also choose the piece-shaped pendant, because it is not easy to enter the mud, and the line has a certain lift, will not hang on the bottom of the water. If you want to cast 100 meters, it is recommended to use about 100g or even 200g sinkers. Have you learned the tips of tungsten fishing sinkers? If you want to buy tungsten fishing pendants, please choose Zhuzhou pintejin. Zhuzhou pintejin has a wide range of fishing pendants, complete stock, guaranteed product quality, high cost performance and fast delivery time. We also support the production and processing of custom tungsten carbide products, and are a well-known company in the industry.
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