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tungsten carbide blade on mask machine

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tungsten carbide blade on mask machine is not so serious, we still do not relax our vigilance. We still need to wear masks when going out in public places and on transportation. Masks were in short supply at the beginning, but now they are in sufficient stock.  Do you know how they are produced.   Face mask machine with carbide insert tungsten carbide blade, carbide cutter, incised on cemented carbide knives and carbide bridge of the nose cutter, etc., are widely used in all kinds of face mask machine, including cup type mask machine, non-woven mask plane machine, the N95 respirator machine, 3 m9001/9002 fold type mask machine, the duck mouth mask machine and three-dimensional dust mask and so on.  These blades are made of high quality hard alloy material, sharp edge, adopt high quality hard alloy material, the blade sharp, high efficiency of the blade and knife flat, plane and beautiful, plane clear clear, do not leave a residue, cut surface is smooth, durable, edge sharp deformation, change the number of blades, improve production efficiency.   Used for the production of cup face mask, non – woven plane face mask, N95 face mask and other special blade.   The upper and lower blades of the mask are carbide masks, which is an upper knife and a lower knife.  The machining quality of hard alloy upper and lower cutting tools is affected by many factors.  On this basis, the change of sintering process parameters has a great influence on the quality of mask blade.  The performance of cemented carbide blade depends on the composition materials such as binder, matrix material, and the cleanliness and granularity of particle surface.  

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