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Mirror polished tungsten carbide plates

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tungsten carbide mirror plate is a kind of highly polished, smooth and transparent cemented carbide plate, which is mainly used for polysilicon assembly, setting mold, etc.After highly polished hard alloy plate not only beautiful appearance, wear resistance is also stronger.Tungsten carbide plate polishing methods from Zhuzhou pintejin are as follows:1. Chemical polishingChemical polishing is to make the hard alloy in the chemical medium surface of the micro convex part of the preferred solution, so as to obtain a smooth surface.This method can polish workpiece with complex shape.The resulting surface roughness is generally 10 m.2. ElectropolishingThe principle of electrolytic polishing is the same as chemical polishing, both dissolve the surface of cemented carbide small convex parts, make the surface smooth.3. Ultrasonic polishingUltrasonic polishing is to put the workpiece into the abrasive suspension and together placed in the ultrasonic field, depending on the oscillation effect of ultrasonic, abrasive grinding and polishing on the surface of the workpiece.Ultrasonic polishing prevents corrosion and helps to brighten the surface.4. Fluid polishingFluid polishing depends on the high-speed flow of liquid and the abrasive particles carried to wash the surface of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of polishing.Common methods include abrasive jet processing, liquid jet processing, fluid power grinding, etc.About the knowledge of tungsten carbide plate polishing methods, do you have other ideas?

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