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How to set the sleeve of the carbide wire drawing die?

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How to set the sleeve of the carbide wire drawing die?
Cemented carbide wire drawing die, i.e. drawing die, refers to various dies for drawing metal wires. Its production is simple, corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant, using high-quality cemented carbide as the core, with high hardness, good thermal conductivity and small friction coefficient. Wire drawing dies are widely used, mainly for drawing bars, wires, wire tubes and other linear and other straight line objects which is difficult to process.
Next I would like to introduce how to make die blanks and die sets set into carbide wire drawing dies.
There are four main steps.1. Processing of die blanks: external grinding is carried out, and special clamps are used on the grinder to grind with diamond grinding wheels, so that the service life of the die is greatly increased.
2. The amount of interference for mounting: there are two kinds of die set mounting, hot pressing method and cold pressing method, the cold pressing method has a small amount of interference, the amount of interference is accurate, and the preload stress obtained is also small.
3. Drawing die sleeve processing: die sleeve using lathe turning processing, die sleeve inner diameter precision, conducive to close cooperation with the die sleeve; die sleeve inner diameter to correspond with the outer diameter of the die blank one by one, in order to ensure that each piece of mold interference amount is accurate.
4. Mounting process: The cold pressing method of mounting process is to press the die billet into the die sleeve with a press at room temperature. The cold pressing method requires accurate interference and high dimensional accuracy of die core and die sleeve, the advantage is that no heating equipment is needed, saving energy and reducing cost.Zhuzhou pintejin provides professional services, according to the customer's drawing material and drawing equipment, reasonable proportion of each channel drawing die compression rate, tailored to a suitable for your carbide drawing die, so that the mold does not crack, blowing mold, sticky mold, scratching, shrinkage, broken wire, etc., but also according to the drawings of non-standard customization of various models of carbide drawing dies, so that you have no worries.
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