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High Wear Resistance Carbide Strips

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High Wear Resistance Carbide Strips
Tunsgten carbide strips is mainly made of WC (tungsten carbide) and Co (cobalt )mixed by metallurgical method through powder making, ball milling, pressing and sintering, the main alloy composition is WC and Co, the composition content of WC and Co in cemented carbide strips for different applications is not the same, the use range is extremely wide.
Cemented carbide strips are named after the rectangular shape of the slab (or square), also known as carbide long plate.Belpw is the feature of cemented carbide strips.1. High purity raw material with little impurity content and more stable physical properties.
2. Using spray drying technology, the material is protected by high purity nitrogen gas under fully sealed conditions, which effectively reduces the possibility of oxygenation during the preparation of the mixture, with better purity and less dirtying of the material.
3. Uniform density: 300Mpa isostatic press is used for pressing, effectively eliminating the generation of pressing defects, and the density of the blank is more uniform.
4. Excellent denseness, excellent strength and hardness indexes: the adoption of ship low-pressure sintering technology effectively eliminates the pores inside the long bar, and the quality is more stable.
5. Using deep cooling treatment technology, the internal metallographic organization of the long bar can be improved, and the internal stress can be greatly eliminated to avoid cracks during the cutting and forming process of the product.
Application scope of cemented carbide long barCemented carbide long bar has the characteristics of high red hardness, good weldability, high hardness, high wear resistance, mainly used in the production and processing of solid wood, density board, gray cast iron, non-ferrous metal materials, chilled cast iron, hardened steel, PCB, brake materials. The use should be specifically based on the use of the selection of the appropriate material carbide long bar.
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