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Fixation of tower crane counterweight block

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Fixation of tower crane counterweight block
The safety of tower crane is very important. The first thing to do is to fix the counterweight of tower crane. Why? Because the news have previously reported that the accident that counterweight block slipped from the balance arm, we should pay attention to the fixed safety of the tower crane counterweight block, after all, an accident is a big event, let’s understand why the counterweight block slipped?
The counterweight block is generally used to put the counterweight block in the mounting groove on the balance arm with a pin shaft.Firstly, counterweight block weathering, collision will be damaged, stone or small pieces of concrete, in severe cases, the whole counterweight block will slide off.
Secondly, the pin shaft will shake out and cause the counterweight to slip.
Thirdly, Leaving a larger space after the arm reduction will allow the counterweight block to slide sideways。
If the counterweight block falls from the sky, or the lower half of the fracture falls from the sky, it is very dangerous, easy to hurt, so the counterweight block choose Zhuzhou pintejin Ttungsten counterweight block, corrosion resistance, weathering resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, long service life, reduce repeated procurement, is a good way to reduce the cost of enterprises.
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