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About the sintering of tungsten alloy products

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About the sintering of tungsten alloy products
Tungsten alloy is a kind of alloy composed of tungsten as the main material, with a small amount of other elements added. Its density is up to 16.5~ 18.75g/cm³. It is often called high specific gravity alloy, heavy alloy or high density tungsten alloy.Tungsten alloy products are widely used in the field of electronics, chemical industry, medical equipment, shipping and aviation and so on, and even in the military field is also widely used, high demand.In the actual production of tungsten alloy products, a variety of sintering methods are gradually formed, the common ones are vacuum sintering, air pressure sintering, hot pressing sintering, isostatic pressing sintering and so on. Since the emergence of nanometer cemented carbide in 1980s, new sintering methods have gradually formed, such as microwave sintering, field-assisted sintering (such as discharge plasma sintering, plasma activation sintering), two-stage sintering, selective laser sintering and so on.
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