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Anhui Bismuth Tungsten Mine Passed Field Acceptance

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Anhui Bismuth tungsten Mine Passed Field Acceptance

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Published on Thursday, 10 June 2021 17:51

Anhui Bismuth Tungsten Mine has passed the field acceptance. Recently, the Anhui Provincial Public Welfare Geological Survey Management Center organized relevant experts to conduct field acceptance of the provincial geological exploration fund project "Huangshan Bismuth-Tungsten Polymetallic Deposit" undertaken by the 332 Geological Team.

The expert group agreed that the project has completed the main workload and objectives and tasks, the quality of the work meets the requirements, and a good prospecting effect has been achieved. A deep rubidium ore body has been discovered, and the project has agreed to pass the field acceptance, and the quality level is a 'good' grade (at 88.2 points).

Anhui Bismuth Tungsten Mine Passed Field Acceptance

This project is the continued first batch project of the Provincial Geological Exploration Fund in 2018. The project team used drilling to track based on the various geological, geophysical, geochemical, and remote sensing. The scientific research data that have been collected in the work area. The tungsten, bismuth, and molybdenum ore bodies that have been discovered in the past have expanded the prospecting results. A rubidium ore body in the monzonitic granite was found in the deep of hole ZK502, which has important indications for the search for rubidium ore related to the Yanshan alkaline granite in the area.

In order to find out the status, resource potential, and supply capacity of mineral resources in Anhui Province, promote the establishment of a regular mineral resource survey and evaluation system, implement basic information and refined management of resource reserves, and formulate mineral resource plans and policies. The province carried out a national survey of mineral resources to promote the high-quality development of mining and provide basic information as well.

The main tasks are to investigate the quantity, quality, structure, and spatial distribution of mineral resources in mining areas for field acceptance; update the evaluation of the potential of mineral resources; implement energy and mineral resources, overlying mineral resources in resource bases; carry out research on the dynamic update mechanism of mineral resources reserves and the degree of guarantee of important mineral resources; as well as establish a national survey database.

The minerals investigated in this survey are 106 solid minerals (including sub-minerals) with identified resource reserves. The mining areas identified in the 2019 Mineral Resource Reserves Table and the newly registered mining areas in 2020 are the investigation units. The resources in the mining areas Reserves are the subject of investigation.

According to the distribution of the mining areas and the characteristics of the mineralization area of Anhui Bismuth Tungsten Mine, based on the city area, the province is divided into 12 survey areas through the city area with a small number of mining areas. Focus on coal, iron, copper, gold, tungsten, molybdenum, antimony, fluorite, phosphorus, calcite, limestone for cement, quartzite for glass (2674, -14.00, -0.52%), dolomite for metallurgy, bumps Investigation of 14 types of superior minerals and strategic minerals, such as stickstone clay.

It is reported that the national survey results database of mineral resources in the Anhui Bismuth Tungsten Mine is expected to be completed and reported to the Ministry of Natural Resources before the end of December 2021. The report on the results of the special tasks and the report on the results of the national survey of mineral resources in Anhui Province will be completed and submitted before the end of February 2022.

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