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Zhuzhou Jinxin was reported by Zhuzhou network, China network, China Business Daily, China network!

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Recently, the founder of Zhuzhou pintejin cementcarbide visited "the rise of China", on June 4, 2021, the first broadcast, caused Zhuzhou, China, China Business Daily, China, China, Phoenix, Hunan, Huateng online, China Business Network, the public news network, the international online and other media have reported.

Since the 1950s, China's cemented carbide industry has experienced nearly half a century of development. By 2018, China's output reached 38,500 tons, and it has become the world's largest cemented carbide manufacturer.Among them, Zhuzhou, as the largest cemented carbide production base in China, has the largest cemented carbide production enterprises in China and the third largest in the world as well as nearly a thousand large and small cemented carbide production and manufacturing enterprises, with obvious industrial agglomeration advantages.Shen Jinkui, Chairman of Zhuzhou pintejin Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd., has led the company to achieve rapid sales growth with a forward-looking perspective and innovative development concept. Taking the construction group as the development blueprint, he has strived towards the development and production of high-end cemented carbide products and mechanical engineering tools, making contributions to the revitalization of Chinese manufacturing. According to ShenJinKui at the scene of the taping, jinxin China cemented carbide co., LTD., relying on strong technical talent advantage, strong technology research and development capabilities, rich experience in research and development production, to focus on high-end carbide materials, wear resistant, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant r&d and production of cemented carbide materials under special circumstances, features a customized service,To meet the special needs of military industry, steel, metallurgy, oil, mining, mechanical processing and other industries. ShenJinKui said now, with mechanical processing industry high-speed growth, energy, mineral resources exploitation, infrastructure construction with cemented carbide tools and demand grows steadily, and benefit from the era of dividends, China, a batch of cemented carbide enterprises gain development, in the deepening of the domestic market at the same time, looks international, the hard alloy product sells in distant markets overseas.Zhuzhou pintejin Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. is one of the representatives. In fact, as early as 2009, out of the prospects for the development of the industrial Internet platform, Shen Jinkui has started to synchronize domestic and foreign trade forces, sell products overseas, and opened the first Ali International Station platform.In 2016, after seven years of painstaking efforts to consolidate the production base, Shen Jinkui once again to Zhuzhou pintejin cemented carbide for a radical reform, since then can not be recovered. In the studio, Shen general introduced the current enterprise's main products are anti-slip nails, cemented carbide ball teeth, mineral drilling and digging tools, the products are mainly sold to Russia, India, Canada and other places.Russia, Canada's long winter is difficult, in order to prevent the vehicle on the road "collision", anti-skid nail products are essential.India is the world's second largest steel producer, and the shortage of demand for rolling steel produced by many Indian steel mills has also become an opportunity for Zhuzhou pintejin Carbide. There is a demand for opportunities, opportunities will have market competition.With the rapid increase of the demand for cemented carbide and more and more enterprises to look at the international market competition has become increasingly white-hot.Faced with such a market environment, Shen Jinkui said, "In order to build the core competitiveness of an enterprise, the first thing to do is to develop a good product. Only if the product is strong enough can it gain a wider market.pintejin currently has its own product design team, which will update and improve the products from time to time according to customer needs and product usage, so as to achieve better results in practicality.In addition, the selection of suppliers will be very strict, a comprehensive evaluation of the supply chain enterprise's hard power, soft power."
At present, the development of Zhuzhou pintejin cemented carbide has been on the right track, in the fast track of development, Shen Jinkui hopes to follow the footsteps of Ali International Station platform in the future, constantly improve and expand the product layout, in order to become the leader of the industry, at the same time toward the listing of the goal of continuous development.In addition, the industry will also develop toward diversification, and eventually integrate into a group company with "pintejin" as its brand by investing in physical factories and making equity investment.Keeping the industry sensitivity in the cemented carbide industry, Shen Jinkui has never stopped.

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