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Why choose tungsten fishing sinkers

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Why choose tungsten fishing sinkers There are many advantages of tungsten fishing sinkers, compared with lead fishing sinkers, its biggest advantage is environmental protection. In recent years, marine pollution is a serious problem, and lead pollution in the ocean has become an important pollution among marine heavy metal pollution. Lead is more likely to be accumulated by certain marine organisms than other metals, and causes different degrees of harm to the organisms, thus becoming an important factor threatening marine food safety. Lead is common in fishing sinkers, but the harm of lead to human body is mainly in the lifelong damage to the nervous system, blood system, cardiovascular system, skeletal system, etc. Lead has a direct toxic effect on specific nerve structures in several central and peripheral nervous systems. The tungsten alloy fishing pendants made by Zhuzhou pintejin are made of high quality tungsten raw materials to ensure that the products are harmless.
The use of tungsten fishing sinkers, or other environmentally friendly fishing pendants, to eliminate water pollution caused by fishing sinkers in fishing, which is to reduce the root cause of lead pollution from fishing. The excess of heavy metals in the water, the ultimate harm is our own. Zhuzhou pintejin is a carbide enterprise with scale, technology, strength, emotion, responsibility and commitment, and the quality of products is guaranteed. Choose to purchase Zhuzhou pintejin tungsten alloy fishing sinkers to reduce the lead pollution in fishing and do your part to improve the environment.
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