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What type of end mills used for aluminium processing?

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We refer to the endmills which used for cutting aluminum material as aluminum milling cutter, and there is many types of aluminum milling cutter.
Generally we use 3-flute aluminum milling cutter for aluminium processing. In addition, sometimes we also used 2-flute ball endmill or 4-flute flat bottom endmill accoding to different processing situation. However, in most cases, it is recommended to use a 3-flute flat bottom endmill.
tungsten carbide milling cutter for aluminium usually select 3-flute, the material is generally use YG series tungsten carbide, which can reduce the chemical affinity of the endmills and aluminum alloy.(General CNC cutting tools supplier have special cutting tools series for aluminum alloy)Next we will introduce the cutting parameters for aluminum alloy milling cutter.
When machining ordinary aluminum alloy, high speed and large feed milling can be selected, then larger front angle can be selected as far as possible to increase the chip space and reduce the phenomenon of sticking cutter.
If for aluminum alloy finish machining, it could not use water cutting fluid to avoid forming small pinholes on the processing surface. Generally, kerosene or diesel can be used to process aluminum plate cutting fluid.The cutting speed of aluminum alloy milling cutter varies with the material, parameters and processing technology of milling cutter.Specific cutting parameters can refer to the cutting parameters given by the manufacturer for processing.
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