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The preparation method of disc pelletizing for tungsten ball

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tungsten ballsare widely used in many fields, and the preparation method is various, among which the disc pelletizing method is the one with lower production cost.The disc pelletizing process for tungsten ball need to use a disc pelletizing machine. When disc in clockwise rotation, mixed ore materials were joined  to the material area. Under the action of friction on the bottom of the disk, the materials will make clockwise rotation together with the disc. Due to the tilt installation disk, when the ore material was taken to a certain height, it is same to say, when its gravity is greater than the friction force, the particles will tumble down. When the mixed ore material cycle the above movement for many times, the pelletizing process of tungsten ball preparation was completed.The disc pelletizing forming method has the advantages of high production efficiency and low cost, the disadvantage is that it needs grading, so it is not suitable for producing one kind of ball billet, and the size of ball billet is difficult to achieve higher dimensional accuracy.In the follow-up processing, the grinding amount is large, the product pulsation is large, leading to the processing stress, the need to eliminate the processing stress through heat treatment.Zhuzhou pintejin cemented carbide Co., Ltd could make non-standard parts, tungsten ball can also be customized, is a 12-year focus on high-performance cemented carbide non-standard customization production and processing base, will make evaluation according to customer needs or drawings, we will do our best to meet customer needs, to help customers solve problems.

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