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Regular maintenance and grinding of wire drawing dies

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In the process of long-term use of the wire drawing die, the die wall is subject to strong friction and scouring of the metal wire, which will inevitably produce abrasion. The most common one is the appearance of annular grooves (dents) at the wire entrance in the working area.

The appearance of the ring groove of the wire die for drawing various wire drawing tungsten dies has aggravated the wear of the die hole, because the small particles of the core material peeled off due to the loosening of the ring groove are brought into the working area and the sizing area of the die hole by the metal wire, which plays a role. The role of abrasive, and the wire entering the die hole will aggravate the wear of the die hole like a grinding pin.

If it is not replaced in time for repair, the ring groove will continue to accelerate and expand, making repair more difficult, and there may even be cracks in the deeper part of the ring groove, causing the mold to be completely broken and scrapped. It is very economical to work out a set of norms and standards, strengthen daily maintenance, and frequently overhaul the mold hot stamping plates.

Once the mold has any slight abrasion, timely polishing will take a short time to restore the mold to the original polished state, and the hole size of the mold will not change significantly.

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