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China Tungsten Steel Processing Precision Non-magnetic Tungsten Steel Mould Parts

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tungsten Steel processes precision non-magnetic tungsten steel mould parts, and PTJ Tungsten Steel produces high-quality products of precision machined tungsten steel mould machinery parts.

As a superhard material, tungsten steel is generally weakly magnetic, and special requirements for the use of non-magnetic tungsten steel parts require customized production and processing. The mechanical equipment for the production and processing of magnetic, magnet, and magnetic element material products needs to be matched with non-magnetic tungsten steel mold parts. Non-magnetic tungsten steel refers to an alloy material without magnetism. Non-magnetic materials are required for forming molds for special production of magnetic materials. In the past, non-magnetic steel has been used. The mold performance is poor, the hardness is low, and the service life is short. After a period of use, the inner wall of the mold is severely roughened and deformed, which affects the magnetism. The dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the material. Using non-magnetic tungsten steel mold parts and replacing non-magnetic steel with its good performance can effectively improve production efficiency.

Due to the requirements of mass production in precision industry, good performance of tool materials is required to meet long-term operations. As an important equipment for industrial production, molds, especially the durable large-scale production of precision molds, put forward more requirements for high-performance tungsten steel molds and tungsten steel molds. Mold equipment is an important means in modern industrial production and the direction of technological development. The development of many modern industries and the improvement of technical levels depend to a large extent on the development level of the mold industry. Under the premise of satisfying precision dimensional processing, the physical properties of non-magnetic tungsten steel material itself is a good choice for improving the service life of parts.
PTJ cemented carbide production provides customized operations for precision machining of non-magnetic alloy mechanical parts of tungsten steel. The size specifications are:
1. Non-magnetic tungsten steel guide shaft: Φ20*290, diameter tolerance requirements Φ19.990-Φ19.993, straightness 0.003, cylindricity 0.003, smoothness Ra0.2;
2. Non-magnetic tungsten steel knob: Φ62*Φ46*Φ14*Φ3.2*M6-10*26,
3. Non-magnetic tungsten steel plug: Φ46*11,
4. Non-magnetic tungsten steel cartridge case: 39*18*10*Φ5.5*Φ6*R2.5, upper and lower parallelism 0.003, smoothness Ra0.2.

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