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Production of tungsten carbide bars with virgin materials

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Introduction of tungsten carbide round bar process:
1. The tungsten carbide round bar adopts low-pressure sintering technology, and the quality is stable and reliable. The high sintering pressure can reach 100 kgs force, and the internal pores of the alloy can be effectively eliminated, so as to obtain a high-hardness and high-strength blank with good densification. The advanced temperature control system can effectively reduce quality fluctuations.
2. With automatic pressure relief extrusion equipment, various types of bars can be produced.
3. Fine-grind the bar to achieve the mirror effect, the use of a CNC grinder can quickly remove the damage layer generated during polishing, improve the surface finish, and achieve the mirror effect. Precision grinding bar: diameter tolerance D≤±0.03 length tolerance L≤±0.5.
Application of tungsten carbide round bar: Tungsten carbide round bar has good bending strength and wear resistance. Mainly used for integral end mills, integral reamers, special tools for automobiles, etc., but also for making carbide punches, mandrels and perforating tools.
Advantages of tungsten carbide round rod manufacturers:1. It can be mirror polished/flat head/chamfer/wire cutting/sharpened port/multiple steps, etc.;
2. Various needle gauges/plug gauges/gauges/pass and stop gauges can be made;3. It can process various special-shaped parts/non-standard tools.

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