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Military Applications For Tungsten Shot

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Military Applications For tungsten Shot
Tungsten carbide is one of the important raw materials for new strategic weapons. With the development of military technology, the demand for tungsten alloy has become bigger and bigger, and tungsten alloy is widely used in the weapon club, for example, tungsten tss is used in close defense guns, and inexpensive steel core ammunition is not used.Tungsten core ammunition is prepared from tungsten alloy, a high-density material with a small body but not light weight and resistant to high temperatures. The shells for close defense guns had to have higher muzzle velocity and armor-piercing capability, and tungsten tss with excellent performance became the best choice for close defense guns. The high rate of fire of close defense guns generates heat, and tungsten-core ammunition is heat-resistant and will not be deformed by high temperature, which affects the accuracy of firing. The hardness of tungsten is higher than that of steel, so tungsten core ammunition of the same caliber will have stronger armor-piercing ability, and the weight is heavier, so the flight will be less affected by wind resistance, and the flight is more stable and the trajectory is straight.
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