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Lead the copper processing industry to explore the high-tech field!

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On the morning of October 28, the “Second University and Institute Scientific and Technological Achievements Expo” domestic copper processing industry development forum was held in Xinxiang, Henan. Nearly a hundred experts and scholars in the copper processing industry from all over the country jointly provided advice and suggestions for the high-level development of my country’s copper processing industry, and also contributed collective wisdom to the exploration of the copper processing industry in the high-tech field.

Lead the copper processing industry to explore the high-tech field!

The domestic copper processing industry development forum is part of the “Second Henan Science and Technology Achievement Expo of University and Institutions”, a branch venue of the China·Henan Open Innovation and Transnational Technology Transfer Conference organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the People’s Government of Henan Province , Its purpose is to gather global innovation resources, build an international scientific and technological exchange and cooperation platform, and enhance the level of international scientific and technological innovation cooperation in the central provinces. The venue of this year’s “Gao Bo Expo” is located in Xinxiang City, organized by the Henan Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Henan Provincial Department of Education, and Xinxiang Municipal People’s Government. It is hosted by the Weibin District Government and undertaken by Jinlong Group.

  Led and driven by Jinlong Precision Copper Tube Group Co., Ltd., Xinxiang City, located in northern Henan, has become an important copper processing base in Henan Province. Among them, according to the industry division, Xinxiang’s copper processing enterprises are roughly divided into three major sections: copper tubes, copper foils and copper wires, with more than 40 enterprises above designated size. The convening of this forum, for the first time, brought together copper processing enterprises and colleagues, and became a feast for the exchange of copper processing achievements. It was a milestone and pioneering and showed another business card of Xinxiang City and even Henan Province to the outside world.

  During the forum activities, Zhang Peng, Vice Chairman of Golden Dragon Group, Zhang Xigang, Dean of Golden Dragon Group Research Institute and other major leaders and some experts and scholars participated in the forum. Zhang Xigang said that all the guests are the technology leaders in Xinxiang’s copper processing field, and they are the backbone of the development of Xinxiang’s copper processing field. I sincerely hope that we can take the High Expo and this forum as an opportunity to carry out closer exchanges and cooperation with all the guests, build a bridge and platform for the transfer and transformation of Xinxiang copper processing scientific and technological achievements, and promote the development of domestic and foreign universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises. Exchange and cooperation, deepen the communication and integration of production, education, research and application, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the copper processing industry structure in Xinxiang City.

Wei Liubao, vice chairman of the Xinxiang CPPCC, stated in his speech that in the next step, the Xinxiang Municipal Government will vigorously implement the innovation-driven development strategy, put innovation at the core of the overall development, and strive to create an “industrial cluster development leading area and innovation and entrepreneurship ecological benchmarking area”. , Regional coordinated development demonstration zone, system and mechanism reform pioneer zone”, to build an industrial collaborative innovation center with regional influence.

In the expert speech stage, Cheng Dayong, deputy dean of the Jinlong Group Application and Technology Research Institute, made a presentation on the “Precise Heat Exchange Copper Tube Processing Technology Development and Research” report. His report elaborated on the development trend of copper processing industry at home and abroad from a professional perspective, and analyzed the market demand for copper products.

Liu Aikui, Production Director of Cameron Precision Copper Strip (Henan) Co., Ltd., gave a report entitled “Development Status of Copper Plate and Strip Industry and Brief Description of Cameron Production Process”. The report pointed out that the research and development and processing of various copper alloy products represented by copper strips gather the highest-end technologies in the current international copper processing field. The prospects are broad and the roads are difficult. It requires colleagues in the industry to gather wisdom and work together to overcome difficulties. At the same time, Liu Aikui introduced the production process of Camelon Precision Plate and Strip (Henan) Co., Ltd. and the company’s related conditions. Liu Wanjun, Chairman of Henan Huayang Copper Industry Group Co., Ltd. gave a report entitled “Development and Research of Enameled Wire”. He analyzed the current situation of the winding wire industry and predicted the future development trend of the winding wire industry.

  In the comment phase of the forum, Zhang Jinli, vice chairman of Henan Nonferrous Metals Society and former deputy general manager of Jinlong Group, made a comment. He pointed out: “Enterprises must deeply implement the concept of development. First, they must strengthen environmental protection awareness and enter green development. This is the primary condition for sustainable development of the company; , The form of extending the industrial chain insists on making the main business more refined; the third is to promote the integration of industrialization and informationization. Intelligent manufacturing cannot be achieved overnight, but the realization of automation and data is the basis for the current enterprise to become bigger and stronger; It is to create unique advantages and use platforms, talents, teams, projects, etc. to focus on discovering innovation drivers; the fifth is to aim at the “Belt and Road”, to identify industrial pain points, hotspots and growth points, to expand international cooperation, and to achieve exports instead of imports; sixth, to persist in production With the strategy of combining study and research, business managers and R&D personnel must constantly change their ways of thinking, try to do some forward-looking research and innovation with the thinking of creating markets, rely on the strength of scientific and technological innovation to enhance the high-tech content of the company’s products, and lead the company. Into a new blue ocean.

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Link to this article:Lead the copper processing industry to explore the high-tech field!

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