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How To Avoid Carbide Roll Microcrack?

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How To Avoid Carbide Roll Microcrack?
Carbide roll (also called tungsten carbide roll ring), is a kind of high hardness, high wear resistance tool composed of tungsten carbide, cobalt and bonding metal materials. Used for rolling nonferrous metal flat wire, stainless steel wire, iron wire, copper wire, nickel, copper tube, aluminum tube, shrinkage tube inner die.
There are a lot of customer feedback that when hard alloy roll in the rolling, there will be cracks, it is not durable, how to avoid this situation?
Zhuzhou pintejin takes you to solve this problem, in order to prevent the micro-cracks in the rolling groove, first of all, the roller needs to be on the same frame with the same roller diameter of the roller ring diameter difference should be 0, at most not more than + -0.05mm, followed by the recommended normal rolling volume to roll, reach a certain depth (generally controlled in 0.2mm) when the need for grinding.It can be repaired for three times, and the service life after repair remains unchanged.Excessive rolling leads to the rapid expansion of the depth of micro-cracks and the increase of the risk of broken rolls, which should be prohibited.
The selection range of normal rolling quantity is as follows:1. Prefinishing mill stand :(3500-4000) tons1, finishing rolling 1-2 :(1800-2500) tons2. Finishing rolling 3-4 PCS :(1800-2500) tons3. Finishing rolling 5-6 PCS :(1500-2000) tons5, finishing rolling 7-8 :(1500-2000) tons6, finishing rolling 9-10 :(600-1200) tons7. Reduction of sizing frame :(600-1200) tons
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