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How fine are the tungsten steel rod particles?

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How fine are the tungsten carbide rod particles?Tungsten carbide rod as a variety of cutting tools with material, the strength and hardness requirements are very high. The wear resistance and toughness of carbides made of ordinary tungsten carbide powder are mutually exclusive. The coordination of this contradiction has always been the focus of research on tungsten carbide.Study found that the hardness of the alloy binding phase content in certain circumstances, when the tungsten carbide powder grain size decreases to 0.8 mu m, not only the hardness of alloy to improve, and strength has improved, with the further decrease of grain size, increase more obvious, so we chose to use nanometer fine particles of tungsten carbide powder as raw materials to make tungsten rods can solve the contradiction between the strength and hardness.
Our company adopts the nanometer fine grain cemented carbide powder (grain size (including 0.4 m), extrusion production process, production of cemented carbide rods by high hardness, high strength, high precision and can be used for overall vertical milling cutter, reamer, auto special tools, etc., at the same time also can make carbide punch, mandrel, top and perforation tool and so on.We can also order all kinds of non-standard sizes of carbide rod.

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