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Hot Press Sintering of Tungsten Alloy Products

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Hot Press Sintering of tungsten Alloy Products
There are various methods of sintering tungsten alloys, including the "full densification process", also known as hot press sintering, which is accomplished by applying pressure to a single or dual phase at high temperature using a special hot press. The interaction of temperature and pressure enhances the viscous and plastic flow of the particles, which facilitates the densification of the billet and results in an almost porosity-free product.  The advantages of hot-press sintering are: high density of tungsten alloy products, short sintering time and low temperature, suppression of grain growth, and improved performance of tungsten alloy products.
The disadvantages of hot-press sintering are: the range of application is limited, and only simple shaped products can be manufactured, while the anisotropy of the microstructure after hot-press sintering leads to anisotropy of the performance, which limits the range of use. In addition, due to the high hardness, the subsequent processing of hot pressed products is particularly difficult. Zhuzhou pintejin is a company that focuses on the production and processing of custom tungsten carbide products, and pays great attention to the quality of tungsten alloy products. At present, the company has complete testing equipment, including flaw detector, hardness tester, carbon tester, automatic density tester, cobalt magnetometer, coercive magnetometer and other equipment.
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