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Donghua University prepares new air filter materials

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At present, the problem of haze pollution in the atmosphere has caused serious harm to human health, the ecological environment and the global economy, and there is an urgent need to strengthen protection and governance. 

Fiber filter materials are widely used in the field of air filtration because of their low cost, wide application range, and easy large-scale preparation. However, the existing fiber air filter materials generally have defects such as coarse diameter, large pore size, and low porosity, which still face the limitations of heavy materials, single stacked structure, and difficulty in optimizing the filtration efficiency and air resistance simultaneously, which severely restricts the application of materials. Significant improvement in performance.

Donghua University prepares new air filter materials

In response to the above problems, the nanofiber research team led by Academician Yu Jianyong of Donghua University and Professor Ding Bin used high dipole moment polymer polyacrylonitrile as the raw material, and used the new humidity-induced “electrospinning/jet” technology to prepare fine diameter, A nano cobweb/fiber high-efficiency low-resistance air filter material with small pore size, high porosity and a fluffy double-web structure. By using ion-dipole interaction to enhance the charging capacity of the solution, it promotes the controllable ejection of the charged fluid at the tip of the Taylor cone, and then by adjusting the environmental humidity atmosphere, inducing the control of the phase separation speed and degree of the polymer solution system, and realizing the jet flow , Synchronous deformation/phase change/self-assembly of the droplets, to obtain a nano cobweb/fiber air filter material with a fluffy double-web structure. In this material, the two-dimensional superfine (-20 nm) nano cobweb and the fluffy nanofiber scaffold network are tightly fused, thereby forming a stable double network structure, and giving the material a small pore size (<300 nm) and high porosity (93.9 %), low bulk density (0.18g cm-3), strong surface chemical polarity (dipole moment 4.3 D), etc.

The two-dimensional nano cobweb structure in the material has the characteristics of fine diameter and small pore size, which not only improves the material’s adsorption and screening of ultrafine particles, but also significantly enhances its air slip effect; at the same time, the quasi-three-dimensional nanofiber scaffold network reflects It has the advantages of fluffy accumulation and high porosity, which effectively promotes the penetration and diffusion of airflow between the fibers, and greatly reduces the air resistance of the material. Combining the above two structural advantages, the double-web structure nano cobweb/fiber material can achieve high-efficiency and low-resistance filtration of ultrafine particles in the air, and its filtration efficiency for the most easily penetrating particle PM0.3 is as high as 99.99%, and the resistance The pressure drop is only 0.11% of atmospheric pressure; at the same time, it can quickly purify indoor air PM2.5, and has long-term recycling performance.

The strategy of constructing fluffy double-net structure nanofiber materials proposed in this work not only provides new ideas for the preparation of high-performance nano cobweb/fiber air filtration materials, but also provides guidance and reference for the design and development of new high-efficiency filtration/separation materials .

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Link to this article:Donghua University prepares new air filter materials

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