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Compression Moulding Forming Method for Tungsten Ball

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tungsten ball is generally understood as a round spherical tungsten alloy product with a large specific gravity, easy to achieve weight classification, and eco-friendly. Compared with lead, tungsten alloy is more environmentally friendly, non-toxic and pollution-free. So how is the tungsten alloy ball prepared? Next let's understand the most mature preparation method of tungsten alloy ball.Compression moulding forming method is the most mature production process for making tungsten balls, and the process is relatively simple, that is, used volume method to fill powder and automatically press forming.
Disandvantages: due to the limitation of the mold, the middle of the ball billet has a ring belt and the pressing crack is easy to appear in the ring belt, so the mold consumption is much, and 
Advantages: the process is relatively simple, can increase the mixture granulation process, relatively easy to achieve automatic pressing.
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