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China Molybdenum’s Affiliate Visits Catalão and Ouvidor

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China Molybdenum’s Affiliate Visits Catalão and Ouvidor

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Published on Wednesday, 16 June 2021 20:54

Recently, Jiehui Zhang, the general manager of CMOC Brazil, an affiliate of China Molybdenum Co., Ltd. (CMOC) led a team to visit the municipal government of Catalão and Ouvidor, where the company is located. The visit conducted in-depth and friendly exchanges with the mayors of the two cities, further consolidating the good relationship with the local area.

CMOC Brazil engaged in the mining and processing of niobium and phosphates, essential minerals for the development of the global industry and the growth of agriculture in Brazil. The company acts as a subsidiary of China Molybdenum, a Chinese company with a diversified assets portfolio; CMOC Brazil International believes in and invests in sustainable business growth, through synergy among assets, operational excellence, innovation and quality regarding products and relationships.

Catalão Mayor welcomed Jiehui Zhang as the general manager of CMOC Brazil. The two parties exchanged cultural understanding on the importance of promoting bilateral economic and trade cooperation. Jiehui Zhang introduced the overall development of CMOC to the mayor and the next step of the plan of CMOC Brazil. The mayor told Jiehui Zhang the historical story of the joint development and close connection between Brazil and the City.

China Molybdenum’s Affiliate Visits Catalão and Ouvidor

The mayor stated that the prosperity and development of the city cannot leave the contribution of CMOC. The establishment of the niobium and phosphorus business in the local area in the 1970s created a good employment foundation and environment for the city. It also attracted more other foreign companies to settle in the local area. He expressed that he would support the development of CMOC Brazil.

Eduardo Lima, Director of Health, Safety, Environment, Legal Affairs, Personnel and Supply Chain of CMOC Brazil, and Luis Severo Gomid, Director of Transportation and Infrastructure Bureau of Catalão, participated in the meeting. The official media of the Municipal Government made a special report on the visit.

In October 2016, China Molybdenum acquired the niobium and phosphorus businesses in Brazil, reorganized and established CMOC Brazil, and the two major niobium and phosphorus businesses were integrated. Among them, Brazil's phosphorus business began in January 1975, including open-pit mining of phosphate rock, phosphate rock refining, production of P2O5 concentrates, and the production of finished phosphate fertilizers and intermediate products of different types and combinations. 

Brazil is one of the world's major producers and exporters of agricultural products, and the fourth largest fertilizer consumer in the world. Its annual demand for chemical fertilizers far exceeds its domestic production.

With more than 40 years of development, CMOC Brazil has become a mature phosphate fertilizer resource operator, with a business scope covering the entire phosphorus industry chain as a fertilizer producer, and its total production volume ranks second in Brazil.

Brazil's niobium business started in June 2001, mainly for open-pit niobium ore mining, niobium ore processing, and ferroniobium alloy production. Brazil's niobium metal is highly concentrated in the global market and occupies a dominant position in the industry. Currently, CMOC Brazil of China Molybdenum in Catalão and Ouvidor city is the world's second-largest niobium producer.

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