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Application of cemented carbide nozzle

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Cemented carbide with high hardness, strength, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, known as the "teeth" industry, used in the manufacture of cutting tool, cutting tool, cobalt and wear-resistant parts, widely used in the military-industrial complex, aviation, machinery, metallurgy, oil drilling, mining tools, electronic communications, construction and other fields, along with the development of downstream industries, carbide increasing market demand.  And the future of high-tech weapons and equipment manufacturing, the progress of cutting-edge science and technology and the rapid development of nuclear energy, will greatly improve the demand for high-tech content and high quality stability of cemented carbide products.  The manufacturing process of cemented carbide nozzle is much more complex than that of metal nozzle, and the cost is relatively high, but the service life is longer, and the service life is higher than that of metal nozzle under the same service conditions.  Hard alloy material has higher strength and toughness, good thermal conductivity, its hardness, heat resistance and so on are higher than metal materials;  The erosion wear rate of cemented carbide nozzle is much smaller than that of metal nozzle, and its anti-erosion performance is higher than that of metal nozzle.  But the hard alloy has high hardness, low toughness and poor processing technology, so it is not suitable for making nozzle with complex structure.  In practical application, the hardness alloy is usually made into ring or block inlaid on some seriously worn parts of the nozzle.  A small portion is used for casting.  Such as the United States, Canada and other countries used in the Y type and China's multi-stage nozzle is inlaid carbide in the vulnerable parts of the nozzle, the most commonly used is the fan nozzle and conical nozzle using stainless steel nozzle body inlaid tungsten carbide nozzle.  It is generally the case of liquid high pressure with cemented carbide to resist high pressure on the nozzle wear, to improve the service life of the nozzle and the best effect of the industrial effect, this kind of fanlike cleaning nozzle.  In the case of super corrosion or wear in the environmental protection industry, appropriate alloy (C276) is used to maintain the normal operation of the industry.  The former belongs to machining manufacturing, the latter belongs to mold production.  One has high requirements for manufacturing technology, and the other has higher requirements for the accuracy of materials.  

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