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Tungsten steel punch processing arc tungsten steel center

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tungsten steel punch processing arc tungsten steel center, PTJ tungsten steel processing non-standard custom provides tungsten steel arc center, tungsten steel hexagonal center, tungsten steel hexagonal punch and other precision tungsten steel processing products.

Tungsten steel punches are used as the core components of stamping die operations with their own excellent material properties. The punch is installed on the stamping die to perform continuous punching and punching operations to separate or plastically deform the processed materials to obtain the required finished or semi-finished products. The stamping dies process the materials into parts in the cold stamping process. It is more common in industrial production. Stamping die is an indispensable process equipment for stamping production, and it is a technology-intensive product. The quality, production efficiency and production cost of stamping parts are directly related to the precision and quality of mold design and mold accessories. The use of cemented carbide punches with good dimensional accuracy is the stamping die to meet better performance.

PTJ carbide punch processing tungsten steel arc center, its size specifications are: Φ6.5*SR3.6*Φ5.6-R0.5*Φ3-R0.3-45°*33.53 and Φ6.5*SR3 .6*Φ5.6-90°*Φ3.5-45°*30, roundness requirement 0.002, round runout requirement 0.006, R0.3 finish requirement Ra0.4, dimensional tolerance requirement meets consistency.
As a Chinese tungsten steel manufacturer, we have been committed to providing high-performance, high-precision tungsten steel punch related products for industrial production. Tungsten steel punches, also called carbide punches, punch rods, tungsten steel punches used in stamping dies in industrial production, can produce punches of different shapes according to the different needs of the product, and carry out batch hole processing. Especially in the production of progressive mold sets.

The stamping dies designed according to different stamping processing materials are different, and they basically complete a product or semi-finished product through multiple steps of stamping processing. Different steps require different shapes and specifications of cemented carbide punches, which are designed to be customized production of special-shaped punches for supporting stamping dies. PTJ hard alloy produces tungsten steel punches and tungsten steel arc centers according to customer drawings. The parameters of commonly used tungsten steel punches and tungsten steel centers are as follows:
1. CO content: 10%-20%.
2. Density g/cm3: 13.85~14.5.
3. Hardness: 86-92.0HRA.
4. Grain size: 0.6-1.2um.
5. Bending strength: 2800-4500MPa.
6. Elastic modulus GPa: 490-540.
7. Thermal expansion coefficient 10-6/0C: 4.9-5.4.
8. The dimensions and specifications of the tungsten steel punch are customized according to the drawings, and the accuracy requirements reach ±0.002.

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