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Is laser cutting as fast as possible?

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The current social and economic level is constantly improving, and the machining industry is developing rapidly. As an important technology in mechanical processing, laser cutting technology has achieved good application effects, especially for the processing of hard metal materials. The use of laser cutting technology can greatly enhance the efficiency and quality of mechanical processing, and can also process complex material shapes.

Features of laser cutting technology:

The use of laser cutting can enhance the dimensional accuracy of processed parts. Compared with traditional processing methods such as plasma and manual processing, the laser cutting process can quickly process the shape and size of the required parts, and the accuracy error is controlled within 0.1mm. The parts processed by the laser cutting process have a good cross-section effect, and the surface is relatively smooth, allowing more precise splicing and matching.

Application areas of laser cutting technology:

At present, laser processing equipment products are widely used in sheet metal processing, machinery manufacturing, elevator equipment manufacturing, automobile locomotive and ship manufacturing, aerospace, petroleum drilling equipment manufacturing, household appliance manufacturing, kitchenware and lighting manufacturing, decoration and advertising production, textile printing and dyeing, leather Carved and other fields. Professional, efficient and stable laser processing equipment has won praise from customers.

Is laser cutting as fast as possible?

Control of laser cutting speed:

Fast cutting speed is a major advantage of laser cutting, and it is also an important reason why many sheet metal processing users choose laser cutting machines, but it is not as fast as possible. Only by controlling the optimal cutting speed can the cutting surface be smooth and free of dross.

The power of the laser will affect the cutting speed of the laser equipment, and the cutting speed of the laser equipment will affect the cutting quality of the plate. Under certain conditions of laser power, there is an optimal range of cutting speed. Too fast or too slow will affect the surface flatness of the cutting material.

Cutting speed is too fast

1. The contact time between the laser beam and the material is relatively short, which may result in failure to cut and sparks.

2. Some areas can be cut off, but some areas cannot be cut off.

3. The whole cutting section is stratified, and the cutting section shows a diagonal stripe road (stainless steel).

4. Melting stains are generated in the lower part, which seriously causes the sheet to be cut off in time (carbon steel).

Cutting speed is too slow

1. The time of the interaction between the material and the laser increases, which causes the cutting plate to be over-melted, and the cutting section is rough.

2. The cutting seam will widen accordingly, causing over-burning in the small rounded or sharp corners, and the ideal cutting effect will not be obtained.

3. The cutting efficiency is low, which affects the production capacity.

Cutting speed judgment method

1. Reasonable cutting speed: cutting sparks spread from top to bottom, the cutting surface is stable, and there is no slag at the bottom;

2. Cutting speed is too fast: cutting sparks are inclined;

3. The cutting speed is too slow: the cutting sparks are not diffused and less, condensed together.

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