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If you encounter problems with aluminum stamping, you can find aluminum stamping oil

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If you encounter problems with aluminum stamping, you can find aluminum stamping oil to debut

A factory in Zhejiang specializing in aluminum stamping has a certain scale. This time they received a batch of export orders, and the craftsmanship requirements were relatively high, which was used in a certain electrical appliance. They found one of our company’s latest aluminum stamping oil products on the Internet. They are aluminum sheet stamping, and the thickness is about 12.5mm. Compared with their previous production experience, this thickness is a bit thick. Using the aluminum stamping oil they bought at the hardware store, the effect will not be achieved, and the aluminum surface will appear after the punched out. The burrs can’t pass the quality inspection at all, so the workers and the masters have headaches after rework many times. At first, they suspected that it was a mold problem. Later, a friend reminded him that the aluminum stamping oil that may be used may also have a problem. Of course Another drawback is that the product is particularly difficult to clean after stamping.

Because we have never used our brand, and the brand itself is not well-known enough for Interlubricant. In view of the actual situation of this customer, we recommend that the customer take an experience kit to try it, and the stamping oil is also convenient to try.

After the experience package was sent out, the customer gave us feedback on the actual use effect after one week. However, the customer was still not at ease, and later took an experience device to use it again. We also obviously feel the doubts and worries of our customers. We will tell them later. We choose Alipay to guarantee the transaction. If the order is officially placed, this aluminum stamping oil is different from the previous purchase experience, and you can return it to us. Return the purchase price to them. In this way, the customer placed a formal order for the first time. Up to now, it has been replenished several times.

The price of our aluminum stamping oil is about the same as the brand they used before, but in fact, we really achieved high quality and low price. It can effectively protect their punches and molds, which greatly reduces the rejection rate. In addition, this aluminum stamping oil is also easier to clean, and the cleaning cost is also much lower than before. Therefore, choosing the correct aluminum stamping oil can reduce costs and improve the efficiency of factory processing.

Choosing the right aluminum stamping oil can make your orders travel thousands of miles a day, aluminum stamping workpieces crack, burrs, scratches on the surface, mold strips, and punch molds wear too fast. In fact, these problems are the same as aluminum stamping. Oil has a certain relationship. The problem of mold stripping is caused by factors such as the sharpness of the mold cutting edge, the modulus of the mold, and whether the gap between the molds is reasonable or not. In addition, it has something to do with the quality of aluminum stamping oil. If you do not choose the aluminum stamping oil, or if there is a problem with the quality of the aluminum stamping oil, it is likely that the oil itself will oxidize when the mold heats up. This can cause problems such as gumming and viscosity increase. In this case, material banding will also occur.

The punch die wears out too quickly, which is also one of the more common problems in aluminum stamping. The mold gap is too small, the unevenness of the concave-convex mold is not good, and the mold base, mold guide components and turret inserts are not accurate, etc., which will cause mold wear. In addition, continuous long time stamping of the same die causes overheating of the punch, and multiple partial punching, such as nibbling, angle of attack or lateral force during shearing, which will bias the punch to one side, causing serious die wear. If there is the lubricity and extreme pressure of professional aluminum stamping oil, it will also play a certain role in the protection of molds and punches. Some customers have tested and replaced inferior oil with professional aluminum stamping oil. The life of molds and punches can be extended by more than 30.8%. Aluminum stamping is prone to burrs during processing, so it needs better lubrication and extreme pressure. To reduce the occurrence of such problems.

In summary, in the aluminum stamping process, the selection of aluminum stamping oil is very important. Intel aluminum stamping oil uses imported extreme pressure agents and other composite additives to ensure extreme pressure processing performance. , To avoid hardening, scratches, deformation, burrs, cracks and other problems of stamping workpieces. In addition, as environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher, Intertel recommends that customers use low-viscosity aluminum stamping oil as much as possible, which is also conducive to saving manual cleaning costs.

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