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Create stronger/lighter magnesium alloy

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On August 8, according to foreign media reports, Australia’s Monash University (Monash University) launched the world’s first research and found that a technology can be used to make stronger and lighter magnesium alloys, thereby improving automobiles and aviation. The structural integrity of aerospace industry products.

Create stronger/lighter magnesium alloy

Researchers from Monash University, the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) and Chongqing University used atomic-resolution X-ray images in an environment with low electron voltage and found the segregation of alloying elements in the twin boundary model.

Engineers have been looking for strong and lightweight materials for cars, airplanes and high-speed cars to improve fuel efficiency, aerodynamics, speed and weight load.

The results of this research are of great significance, because in the process of thermomechanical processing and application, due to the easy deformation of lightweight magnesium, magnesium alloys cannot replace steel on a large scale. At the same time, the same is true for other alloys such as aluminum and titanium.

Jian-Feng Nie, a professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Monash University, said: “Lightweight magnesium has great potential for energy saving and environmental protection applications, but the segregation of such materials is easily damaged by electron beams. When solute atoms segregate into a single atomic column It will affect the formability, deformation performance and compressive strength of magnesium products.”

However, we proved that at a lower electron accelerating voltage (120 kV), instead of the commonly used voltage of 300 kV, X-ray images with atomic resolution can be used to solve this problem. In addition, we further found that the new segregation mode increases the boundary pinning effect by more than 30 times, and the mechanism of twin migration has also changed from a generally accepted mode to a new mode.

The researchers used a magnesium alloy composed of neodymium and silver in the study, which has excellent mechanical properties at room temperature and high temperature. The researchers found that when the twin boundary is filled with neodymium and silver, the elastic strain of the alloy reaches the limit, and the shear stress is significantly improved by 33 times. The increase in charge density between silver and neodymium and magnesium indicates that the bonding between twins has been enhanced. When an external force is applied, the magnesium is pushed toward the neodymium while moving away from the silver, thus forming a stronger and lighter alloy.

Professor Nie said: “Our research shows that it is possible to analyze the structure and chemistry of solute segregation with metal alloys (with complex composition) from an atomic point of view.”

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Link to this article:Create stronger/lighter magnesium alloy

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