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Tungsten CZ Stone Rings

What is CZ Stone?

CZ stone is the abbreviation of crystal zircon. Zircon is a silicate mineral, which is the main refining zirconium ore. Zircon widespread in acidic igneous rocks, but also produced in the metamorphic rocks and other sediments. Zircon is very stable chemical properties, so the gravel in the river can be seen in the zircon gem.

There are a variety of zircon, the zircon will be different in different colors such as red, yellow, orange, brown, green or colorless, transparent and so on. The gem after cutting through the zircon like a diamond. Zircon in the past has also been called zircon or hyacinth stone. Zircon withstand temperatures above 3000 ℃, so the spacecraft can be used as insulation material. Zircon can be made as tungsten rings,tungsten cz stone rings.

As well, cz stone is usually used in jewelry, such as our tungsten rings with cz stone, including lots kinds of tungsten cz stone rings,tungsten rings with cz stone, cz ring, cz engagement rings.

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